Zandra Ross Lifestyle

A personal, community and organizational growth & development company

Zandra Ross Lifestyle is a personal, community and organizational growth & development company, dedicated to helping people achieve their goals through improved emotional intelligence, communication, skill enhancement, team development and direct coaching. She offers a wide range of services on these themes including the Lifestyle Studio, a fitness, dance and yoga facility.


Workshops & Training

Participate in life changing personal and professional development workshops at the Lifestyle Studio or we can provide in-house workshops at your organization/company.

Fitness, Dance, Yoga and Healthy Eating

Fitness, Dance and Yoga Classes that are effective, adaptable to all fitness abilities and fun. Sign up for classes prior to coming via the apps or this website as we have limited space at the Lifestyle Studio.

Facilitation and Motivational Speaking

Zandra has 25 years experience facilitating groups of all sizes and is a dynamic motivational speaker/emcee who brings humor and inspiration to every speaking engagement.

Lifestyle & Professional Development Coaching

Lifestyle and Professional Development Coaching is a process that assists people to identify what they want out of their personal and professional development lives and create a plan to get it.


Team Building  is targeted at groups and organizations who want to have fun, get to know each other better and work more effectively together.

Online Health and Wellness Programs

Online Fitness and Healthy Eating Support: Can’t make it to the Lifestyle Studio for classes? No problem as we have online fitness and healthy eating coaching, programs and support.

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Zandra Ross encourages you to browse through the site to see what they can do for you!

575 Brunswick Street Prince George, BC

(entrance and parking in the back of the building)