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Color Code for Badass Businesspeople

Zandra can help you achieve your badass business goals!

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Workshops & Training

Participate in life changing personal and professional development workshops including communication, goal setting, emotional ingenuity/intelligence, leadership, governance and community engagement.

Fitness and Healthy Eating

Zandra offers personal training, small group training, healthy eating support, corporate self-care initiatives.

Facilitation and Motivational Speaking

Zandra has 25 years experience facilitating groups of all sizes and is a dynamic motivational speaker/emcee who brings humor and inspiration to every speaking engagement.

Lifestyle & Professional Development Coaching

Lifestyle and Professional Development Coaching is a process that assists people to identify what they want out of their personal and professional development lives and create a plan to get it.


Team Building  is targeted at groups and organizations who want to have fun, get to know each other better and work more effectively together.

Online Health and Wellness Programs

We have online fitness and healthy eating coaching, programs and support.

What Are They Saying?

When I met Zandra I was very new to my job. I had just left a long-time position which I loved, but it was very unhealthy for me in the end. So I made the move and started a new job, for which I was very fortunate. My new manager introduced me to Zandra! I was very closed off when I met her, coming from a toxic work environment and experienced a lot of grief in life, I felt like I was “stuck” and couldn’t move forward, or that I even had a voice. Working with Zandra has helped me see that my opinion does matter, that I am important and the work that I do is valuable! She has given me the shake that I needed, brought me out of the fog I was in and helped me realize what it is that is holding me back. Now, I’m working on utilizing those tools to help me move forward to have a healthier, happier and more productive future. If you seem to be stagnating or just feel “blah” , feel like you need a change but don’t know what to do about it? CALL ZANDRA!! If you have never met Zandra before, when you do J you’ll quickly realize this lady gets things done!! Thank you Zandra! I look forward to our next session.

Rhonda Grandison

Before working with Zandra, I was struggling to move forward with my own coaching business. I was procrastinating on everything from clarifying my target market to creating a website and building a social media presence. I was frustrated with my lack of progress.

Working with Zandra has been amazing for me and my business! Her approach combines coaching techniques with business consulting and a whole lot of encouragement. She is great at cutting through the fluff and helping me to design action steps to move myself forward. Her positivity and energy are contagious! I always leave our sessions feeling motivated and inspired to make my dreams a reality!

With Zandra’s help I have made more progress in my business in just a few months then I would have made in two years without her. I highly recommend working with Zandra if you want to make massive progress in your life or in your business!

Tom Lahdenranta

This workshop made me think outside the box, and I realize this can be used in all aspects of my life.

Leanne Neville