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It’s not everyday that you question your level of confidence, right?  And, let’s admit, it’s not an easy task.  So, what if you would like to know, as in right now, at this very moment, whether your confidence levels have the capacity to take you to the road to success? What you can actually do to self-assess is to answer, with all honesty, these five simple questions: 

  1. Do you fear rejection? 
  2. Your needs or other’s first? 
  3. Do you have the tendency to simply “agree” just to avoid confrontations? 
  4. How do you feel when someone “gets” what you’ve been dreaming of or wanting for the longest time? 
  5. Do you sometimes feel being possessive of friends and family?

Okay, okay…calm down.  A “yes” to more than three questions doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going bonkers, eh? It is just gives you a wider view of yourself, a means of understanding deeper the real you.

But then, also take into consideration that five questions wouldn’t define you.  A holistic view may need more than five and thanks to self-help books and eBooks that are abundant everywhere. You are saved (for the meantime, though). The skill you need right now is being able to know where to find and how to find those “perfect books.” 

To start with, at least admit to yourself whether your self-confidence needs boosting or just a little push. This will help you decide what will do good for you.  Ebooks are advantageous because you can download it straight to your smart phone and read anywhere. 

You also could feel less pressured finishing an ebook because you know that you can browse it anytime, anywhere. This way, you could spend more time relishing each fact and reflecting these that are not easy to admit, even when alone with your thoughts. May the force be with you! 

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