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The monster under your bed is gone. Remember the one you’ve been fearing for throughout your childhood?

It is actually just a sock that Mom have been looking for, for ages! Fears, they actually evolve. From the fear of standing, falling, first day of school, monsters that lurk during lights off, a math exam, coming home late, being grounded, talking to a crush…until they become fear of yourself – your physical self and your whole being.  

Am I good enough?  Can I do this?

Will they be better than me? Will they laugh at my jiggly arms? 

Fears can do a lot.  It can also lower your self-confidence and bring chaos to your life. But we all have fears, you may say. Yes, but once these fears become out of hand and starts controlling your life, then it is time to do something about it.

Be honest to yourself and know what your fears are.  It is the very first step to take before trying to fix anything. 

This process may take long, just do a list – no judging, no defining. Then, do a simple memory game – are there some events that you remember lead to these fears? You know, you may have accidentally held a mouse tail before and hence, your fear of mouse.  

If this is the case, then little by little exposure may help – a picture, Nat Geo episode, pet store…So goes with your other fears.  

The same ideology can be applied to the fears that you have which can be defined as more “personal.” For example, your fear of meeting new people – of course, you will never gain self-confidence to meet other people if you choose to lock yourself in your room and stalk people you want to meet via their Facebook profiles, right?

Get all the help you can avail of – eBooks, workshops, talks, etc.  and start getting a grip of your fears, your confidence and your life!

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