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Team Building

Zandra is renowned for her ability to create teambuilding sessions that effectively bring teams together but are also fun, educational, practical and engaging. Activities can be planned in an indoor or outdoor setting and are both stationary (at a table) and physical (moving about the space).

All teams working together in some manner should utilize team building as a means for building trust, getting to know each other, learning new ways of working together and having fun. The session can also be used to celebrate successes of the team and as a way to develop a common purpose.

What to Expect When Planning a Teambuilding Session

Clients are asked to identify what the purpose of the team building session will be i.e. educational, issue exploration, new team development, fun, combination. Zandra is able to conduct needs assessment processes i.e. surveys, interviews prior to the team building session if the client is unsure of what the purpose of the session will be i.e. new manager to the organization. Activities are then selected to address the purpose.

Zandra uses culturally sensitive and issue relevant activities based on who the client is i.e. corporate vs. First Nations community to ensure maximum teambuilding effectiveness.

This workshop made me think outside the box, and I realize this can be used in all aspects of my life.

Leanne Neville