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Coaching is a tool to help individuals and groups to figure out what they really want most, what they are going to do to get it and how they will know when they have got what they wanted. Coaching is about setting big goals and breaking them into smaller, doable steps.

Coaching is not counselling. The way I describe it to clients is:

“Counselling is this point in your life and back; coaching is from this point in your life, forward.”

  1. DREAM ZONE – Coaching provides a place for you to talk about what would make the biggest improvements in your life and figure out a way to make it happen. Even if you don’t think you can do it, coaching can help you to see that you can. And, if you grew up like many of us did, the messages we received was that if you said something you wanted out loud, it wouldn’t come true (superstitious anyone?). If you don’t say it, think it, believe it, it will never come true.
  2. STOP BEING THE VICTIM AND BECOME THE SUPERHERO – We can spend most of our lives wishing that our childhood were different so that we could be a different (better) person today. We wish that our parents were more supportive/less crazy, that we had more money, that we would have had better teachers, blah, blah, blah. We become a victim of life and everyone in it. Bad stuff happens to everyone but that the bad stuff is not who we are. The bad stuff is what gives us the drive to go after the good stuff. You deserve the good stuff. Be your own superhero.
  3. DECIDING WHAT TO MEASURE AND MEASURING PROGRESS GETS YOU MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT – I have always hated pressure or setting goals i.e. accountability, because I like to “keep my options open”. In reality, I didn’t set goals because I didn’t want the accountability or responsibility or shame if I failed. Does this sound familiar at all? Understand this, what you focus on and measure is what you get more of. Coaching helps you to be accountable to yourself because you deserve to get what you want. Goals are the magic wand to change your life.
  4. BREAK THE CYCLE – Do you want to do something different in your life? If not for yourself, but for your loved ones or your community members? People want change but a lot of us, we don’t know where to start. Coaching helps you to begin to make the changes you want to see in your life and the lives of those around you. The only way to break any negative cycle is to do something different than has been done before. Coaching helps you do something different.

Now lets’ get going!





Zandra Ross

Lifestyle Coach

Personal and Professional Development Magician